How to Get Rid Of the Toothache

The simple answer that most of the people will give you for the question about getting rid of toothache is “Ask the dentist”. But the matter of fact is that this is not the practical advice in most of the instances. The pain is sometimes so unbearable that patient finds it pretty difficult to wait until the appointment. And then some people make some mistakes which make the situation even worse.

3-3-3 method
You need to reduce the swelling in order to get rid of the tooth pain you have. For this purpose, you will need to take three Advil three times a day for three days. But remember, it’s just a short term solution.

What you shouldn’t do here is backing away when the pain reduces. Continue with the medicine intake even if you get relief from pain after the first intake.

One thing worth mentioning here is that this mediation doesn’t resolve the root issue. It just gives you some time so that you could wait for the appointment. With that said, you should know that tooth pain never goes away by itself. You will have to consult with your dentist in order to get proper treatment.

Some natural ways to reduce the intensity of toothache
There can be some medical conditions due to which you might not be able to take Advil. In that situation, you can always go for the natural solutions. These solutions may be slower but they reduce the pain in an organic way. It means that you will not have to go through the side effects which the medicines usually cause.

The first thing you can do is using the salt rinse. It’s the super-saturated salt water that you will have to use for rinsing the mouth. This rinsing can be specifically beneficial when you have pain in gum and you feel like having a foreign body stuck in the gums.

Another item that you can use in order to get rid of the tooth pain is clove oil. This oil is basically loaded with an active ingredient called eugenol. Here, you will have to be careful about the application of this oil. Use a cotton swab or a piece of tissue paper, and apply oil only to the area which is affected.

Make sure that your head is elevated the entire time, even when you sleep. For this purpose, place a pillow under your head while sleeping.

Another trick to reduce tooth pain quickly is to keep the pain affected area colder. Ice bag on the cheek can be pretty beneficial in this regard.

Major reason for the tooth pain
Our teeth are not just the bones. Every tooth actually has living veins and nerves which give the teeth the ability to feel hotness or coldness. These soft cells are located inside the dentin which is further covered by the hard enamel. Now, the bacterial infection can find its way through enamel into the dentin. That’s what can cause serious tooth pain. While you can certainly use painkillers to reduce pain, you cannot rely on these painkillers. You will need to see the dentist in order to treat the root cause.